Humanitarian mission to Kibosho Hospital in the Kilimanjaro region

The Tanzanian government’s recent implementation of universal health insurance marks a significant stride in the country’s development, with Germany actively supporting this initiative since 2022 through an intergovernmental agreement.

During this year’s humanitarian mission to Kibosho Hospital in the Kilimanjaro region, a dedicated group of AKO members from northern Germany, including Dr. Achim Miertsch, Ralph Rohwedder, Kirsten Rohwedder, Dr. Imke Biedermann, Dr. Jan Tode, and Dr. Anke Luhr, collaborated closely with local doctors to extend eye and dental services directly into the Maasai steppe. This region, characterized by financial constraints, lacks adequate medical care. AKO TANSANIA COMMUNITY SUPPORT, the Tanzanian partner organization, coordinated the provision of treatment rooms and supporting staff at the local medical care station Mererani, in collaboration with the administration of the Hai district.

Under extreme heat and drought conditions, the treatment teams successfully attended to 240 patients with eye or dental problems on that day. This presented a formidable challenge, yet it marked the end of years of suffering for many patients, with procedures such as tooth extractions and the provision of glasses. In complex cases, free treatments were offered at Kibosho Hospital at a later date. This collaborative effort exemplifies the commitment to addressing healthcare disparities and making a tangible impact on the lives of those with limited access to medical services.

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