Construction of dormitory – Kibaoni Primary School

Kibaoni primary school has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to providing primary education, catering to the needs of both disabled
and non-disabled students. Initially the school encountered challenges in meeting the needs of disabled students, impeding their access to quality education. Although attempts were made to adapt a small classroom for mentally disabled students, the limited capacity became
insufficient as the student population increased. To address this, external funding was sought due to financial constraints within the government. AKO Germany played a pivotal role by initiating the construction of specialized classrooms for mentally disabled students,
resulting into a notable increase in student enrollment from 25 to 60. However, financial constraints among parents continued to prevent many disabled students from attending classes regularly, highlighting the need for additional support.

Recognizing the district’s estimated number of 198 disabled children, including 67 with mental disabilities, the government proposed the
construction of a dormitory capable of accommodating 80 students to alleviate financial barriers. Regrettably, the dormitory project
remains unfinished due to budgetary limitations hence curtailing the efforts have been as many disabled children are stranded at home.
Therefore, the current initiative aims to complete the dormitory construction, furnishing it together with installing water tank with
the goal of facilitating access to education for 80 mentally disabled students at the cost of 124, 941,600 Tshs (48,054.46 €) for the duration of nine months. However the project implementation would encounter some risks such as financial shortfalls, substandard of
construction or furnishing materials, safety hazards during construction leading to accidents or injuries. To mitigate these project activities and expenditure will be monitored closely, maintaining contingency plan together with adhering to safety protocols.

Project beneficiaries

The project beneficiaries encompass a diverse spectrum within the Hai district. Primarily, 80 mentally disabled students at Kibaoni primary school stands to benefit by gaining access to specialized accommodation within the dormitory, relieving them from financial constraints associated with daily commuting. Families and guardians of these children will get relief from transportation costs while ensuring their children’s safety and educational accessibility. Kibaoni primary school and its staff anticipate an enhanced infrastructure catering to specialized needs, fostering an inclusive learning environment, while the local community will witness strides toward inclusive education and promotion of community cohesion. Moreover, government bodies and external supporters are aligned in fulfilling social responsibility, contributing to societal development through educational empowerment for disabled individuals.

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