Kibaoni Primary School

Kibaoni primary school has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to  providing primary education, catering to the needs of both disabled
and non-disabled students. Initially the school encountered challenges in meeting the needs of disabled students, impeding their access to quality education. Although attempts were made to adapt a small classroom for mentally disabled students, the limited capacity became
insufficient as the student population increased. To address this, external funding was sought due to financial constraints within the
government. AKO Germany played a pivotal role by initiating the construction of specialized classrooms for mentally disabled students,
resulting into a notable increase in student enrollment from 25 to 60. However, financial constraints among parents continued to prevent many disabled students from attending classes regularly, highlighting the need for additional support.


2.1. Project Goal

The overarching goal of this project is to facilitate access to quality education for mentally disabled students in Hai district.


2.2. Project objectives

i. To finalize construction of the school dormitory to provide suitable accommodation for 80 mentally disabled students

ii. To equip the dormitory with essential facilities to ensure a conducive living environment for the mentally disabled


2.3. Project scope

The project scope involves the completion and furnishing of the dormitory, encompassing tasks such as installation of windows and
doors, walls plastering, plumbing, ceiling board installation, glasses assembling, tiles laying in bathroom, electrical installations,
latrine setup, laundry completion, floor finishing, and painting for both interior and exterior areas. Additionally, the scope includes construction of tank tower and installation of water tanks to ensure a consistent water supply and the arrangement of essential furnish like mattresses for a conducive living environment within the dormitory for mentally disabled students’ accommodation

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