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The renovation of primary schools in Tanzania stands as critical need, driven by persistent challenges faced by numerous government-owned schools. These schools have weathered neglect due to limited government resources and an overwhelming demand for primary education, compelling authorities to prioritize new school establishment in underserved areas over the maintenance of existing ones. Uchau primary school is one of those schools whose time has taken a toll on its physical assets, resulting into deterioration of its infrastructure. This physical deterioration has significantly hampered the learning environment and depriving the community of a nurturing educational center hence hindering overall growth and development opportunities. This project aims to revitalize school infrastructures through cost-effective renovation strategies and a community driven maintenance plan with the intention of restoring and sustain infrastructure.


Therefore the project focuses on renovating dining hall, teachers’ offices and 11 classrooms with new walls, doors, windows, floors, roofs, fresh paints and enhancing learning environment with a total estimated budget of 82,644 € and project duration of 12 months.

Successful completion of this project will enhance learning environment for 200 students at Uchau primary school, fostering increased students engagement and academic achievement, and provide a well-equipped facility for the preparation of nutritious meals for students.


Community involvement and comprehensive maintenance plan will sustain infrastructures, ensuring enduring benefits. Project risks such as budget overruns and subpar quality of renovation work will be mitigated through a comprehensive renovation plan, close monitoring, contingency measures and collaboration with Moshi district engineer for ensuring the renovation work comply with required standards.

Therefore we humbly request your generous support to revive Uchau primary school’s infrastructures, transforming its learning environment and nurturing a brighter future for generations to come.

DONOR: AKO- Aktionskreis Ostafrika e.V

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