Economic empowerment for Maasai women in Simanjiro

Executive summary

Entrenched within the societal fabric of Maasai community, Maasai women grapples not only with systemic societal roles but also with the complexities of poverty rooted in limited economic opportunities. Recognizing these challenges, AKO Tanzania community support is embarking on an ambitious initiative to improve economic status of Maasai women, thereby igniting a wave of sustainable socio-economic transformation. Over a dedicated nine-month period, this initiative is committed to elevating Maasai women through income-generating activities, encompassing maize, beans and vegetables cultivation, and Maasai traditional crafts production, coupled with essential education sessions focusing on entrepreneurship, skills development and family planning with a projected cost of 18,963.09  €.

Cost-benefit analysis was conducted to gauge if benefits outweigh the costs of chosen income avenue. 1.92, 1.22 and 1.23 Benefit-cost ratio
for maize, beans and vegetables farming respectively were obtained, indicating for every one unit of cost incurred, generates more than one unit of benefit hence a promising path towards sustainable growth.


Embedded within the project’s framework is commitment to sustainability, this includes a strategic plan to reinvest 25% of profits, maintaining crucial infrastructure like sprinkler irrigation systems, and fortify the skills of participants. Furthermore, a significant proportion of the harvested crops will directly contribute to sustaining participants and their families, ensuring not only financial independence but also enhancing food security across the

The envisioned outcomes encompass heightened economic independence, improve food crops cultivation practices, refined craftsmanship skills
and bolstered resilience against early/forced marriages among these steadfast women.

Project Goal

The goal of this project is to improve the economic status of Maasai women at Kambi ya chokaa and Losoito villages in Simanjiro distric

2.1.    Project objectives

In pursuit of attaining the project goal, the following will be project objectives,

      i.        To establish viable income-generating activities that aligns with resources available in Maasai community.

     ii.        To promote family planning education to women aged 13 to 30 years old.

    iii.        To facilitate entrepreneurship training and skills development on food crops cultivation and Maasai traditional crafts to 60 women in Kambi chokaa and Losoito villages

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